Sunday, 12 January 2014



Hairstyle is also very important part of your style! Hairstyle can be Casual like ponytail or Creative like braided bun,or even Festive like neat side braid.If You are lookin for some kind of school hairstyle that's beautiful and practical than you can use something like hair-bow or just flipped ponytail.I love them because they look so cool :) .If You got a short/medium hair than just switch her side or make short litle ponytail.It looks veeeery cute <3.You can also use some hairstyles from this picture :3 ;and here's tutorial for some of very cute and beautiful hairstyles that i realy loovee  : ..............................
-Braided bun-------------------------------------------->
-Fishtail braid------------------------------------------>
-Hair bow----------------------------------------------->
-Waterfall twist braid----------------------------------->

Friday, 10 January 2014

Rooms :)

         ROOM DECOR
We all like beautiful and decorated rooms.I decorated my room the way i think it will be beautiful and i'll like it.So,today I'm showing you what i did on my wall :) .You can also do it by yourself.For this glowing heart You will need-Christmas lights -Tape -scissors -and some inspiration ;).All You need is just tape christmas lights in shape You want.It's easy and very beautiful,and it gave your room Tumblir look ;).So i hope you like it <3.
till next post, bye :D!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

big begin


      DIY FASHION                 

Everybody can also make own                        
fashion.You just need some sewing                
and design expiriance,and some                       
        matherials like old clothing and sewing set.     
  There are also special colours for clothing.         
You can Buy that all on eBay or Amazon.         
Whit them You can design Your own picture on shirts.
<--------On this pic. You can see  one of my Designs      whit clothing  colours :). If You like it try to design   Your own.If You do  it send me pictures. I'd like to see  what You did :) ...If You will try it good luck!         ;)     


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hi World!

Hi World! I'm Ivy and this is my new fashion blog! Hear i can help You to build Your own style,don't be afraid to try new fashion things and help You to find inspiration.

I hope You all will like this blog and my posts and they will help You.
Love you all,Enjoy!


Hi world! I'm Ivy and welcome to my new fashion blog!
I will help You to build your own style,to don't be afraid to try new fashion things and to be fashionable!
I hope i'll can  help You and inspire You to do new fashion things!

I love You all and I wish You good times ;)